Hey everyone,

I see that the blog is still getting some visitors, and I wanted to let you know that I for one plan to be back soon-ish. I’ll be out of the country during August, but September seems like a good time to pick up the scarf projects again.

Sometime recently I read, though, that the Red Scarf Project may have had TOO MANY scarves this year… so we’ll see how that goes, but if anyone is interested in initiating another project, you can post here or email me with the details and we’ll get it going.

I may have an interesting project for you all in the near future as well. Stay tuned.


I thought about assigning everyone random numbers and using a random number generator, but in the end I used the tried and true draw from a hat method!

Here are the winners, and here is what you won (photos in previous posts):
1. NORO from me
2. Alpaca with a Twist from Priscilla
3. Great Adirondack Sireno from Susan (momsue84)
4. same as above

[Susan = momsue84, Sue = Sue C. with no blog!]


Please email me (heatherknits at gmail) your mailing address and I will circulate it to the proper person. Thank you Priscilla and Susan for contributing to the prize pot.

I have four prizes to give away, and I have no emails in my inbox yet – if you would like to be entered into the drawing, send me photos of the scarves you sent in to the Red Scarf Project and I will put one slip in the hat for each scarf.

If I mailed off your scarves, you are exempt from this requirement!

You are also welcome to email me a link to your blog, but please do send it to my inbox: heatherknits at gmail.


Today I finally made it to the post office – I was a lazy bum on Saturday and never went. But I tagged everything and packed it off to the PO, and thought I would shove all 8 scarves that I was mailing in a flat-rate Priority box and get it there on time.

Well…. All 8 would not fit. So I asked for not only the $8.00 flat rate box but also the $4.05 flat rate box. It was questionable whether it would all fit in these two even.

But Ms Postal Worker, helping me at 10 minutes before closing, recommended a BIGGER Priority box and that I not ship it by flat rate but by weight.

Wouldn’tcha know, all told, it cost me less than $6.00!

Here is the haul that I sent in, with contributions from Sue, Margaret, Liz, and me:

Aahhh – now I can sit back, relax, and… start a fun fur cap?

Or perhaps children’s hats for Afghans for Afghans for a special circus event?

Start planning if you think you might like to knit socks for students as well. [Note: I do not know anything more than this obscure reference on their site, but I assume they are asking for socks for … Afghani students? They are calling for other items as well, so don’t feel left out if you don’t do socks!]

PSA: I could try to go through the blog posts to update the scarf tally, which I may get to tomorrow, but in the mean time, post your scarf tally and I’ll update the count in the sidebar. We have new prizes from Susan, info below, and also a photo of the Noro Kureyon.

Here are three scarves that Sue gave me last night. I’ll be mailing them in with my two and two from Margaret.


Here is the Noro, sorry I forgot the color number! I think it is 110…

And Susan has contributed two 625 yard skeins of Great Adirondack Sireno (50 silk, 50 wool) in the Maple Leaf colorway. We’ll do drawings for these as two prizes; one skein would make a lovely triangular shawl.

Good luck in the home stretch, and get those scarves in!

Red Scarves

I got busy this weekend, and I was able to finish 2 red scarves. I hope to have them in the mail in a day or two. The one on the left is knitted and the one on the right is crocheted. I have more details up on my blog.

Also, looking ahead, there was a post up over at 25 Things for Charity yesterday about a new drive to collect hats for children that Afghans for Afghans is organizing. They are looking for hats in primary colors. I don’t know how much press this has gotten so far, so I thought I would let you all know about it.

I am in the home stretch of my red scarf – I’ve been particularly negligent in taking photos recently, but I’ll have one up soon.

Scarves are accepted throughout the month of January, so I am interpreting this to mean that they should be received by Orphan.org by January 31. I am planning to send those that I have collected by this Wednesday, January 24.

Don’t forget to email me by Feb 10 a photo or link to your blog of the scarf or scarves that you have sent in to be eligible to win a prize (one entry per scarf):

1. a lovely peach skein of laceweight Alpaca with a Twist thanks to Priscilla


2. two skeins of Noro Kureyon with a scarf pattern (not the same pink colorway though…)

3. let’s see what else I come up with in the next couple of weeks!

How is everyone progressing?

Last week or so, Heather asked for ideas for future projects for this group, and when I answered her in the comments, Project Spectrum jumped into my head for a couple of reasons. First, I thought “well, we are the Red Scarf KAL”, so Project Spectrum seemed like a natural fit.

I had also just been following some links to cancer and awareness ribbon colors, and seeing all the colors and causes listed here, here and here also made me think of Project Spectrum and kind of got the creative juices flowing.

Anyway, Heather and I are thinking that it might be interesting to follow the Project Spectrum guidelines as we create for various charities throughout the year. Who knows where it might lead us? Any thoughts?

but knitting like mad to catch up and finish a scarf in a shifting sands pattern made with Rowan Felted Tweed.

This is my first KAL, although I have been knitting for about eight years. It wasn’t until I started co-authoring a knitting blog with a friend that I discovered the incredible online community of knitters.

Outside of knitting, I am currently in university majoring in creative writing and performance studies. I can be interested in anything and everything, but particularly good fiction and opera.

Progress updates to come soon!


I got one of my two blocked. Check it on my blog at Paper, Sticks, and String.

Join Us!

FINISHED SCARF TALLY: 19 Knit a red (or other) scarf for the Red Scarf Project! Create a Wordpress ID and send your email to one of us: Heather or Amber. Read more about this knitalong up there in Knitalong Guidelines. Here are some buttons for you, please download first!