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but knitting like mad to catch up and finish a scarf in a shifting sands pattern made with Rowan Felted Tweed.

This is my first KAL, although I have been knitting for about eight years. It wasn’t until I started co-authoring a knitting blog with a friend that I discovered the incredible online community of knitters.

Outside of knitting, I am currently in university majoring in creative writing and performance studies. I can be interested in anything and everything, but particularly good fiction and opera.

Progress updates to come soon!



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FINISHED SCARF TALLY: 19 Knit a red (or other) scarf for the Red Scarf Project! Create a Wordpress ID and send your email to one of us: Heather or Amber. Read more about this knitalong up there in Knitalong Guidelines. Here are some buttons for you, please download first!