Today I finally made it to the post office – I was a lazy bum on Saturday and never went. But I tagged everything and packed it off to the PO, and thought I would shove all 8 scarves that I was mailing in a flat-rate Priority box and get it there on time.

Well…. All 8 would not fit. So I asked for not only the $8.00 flat rate box but also the $4.05 flat rate box. It was questionable whether it would all fit in these two even.

But Ms Postal Worker, helping me at 10 minutes before closing, recommended a BIGGER Priority box and that I not ship it by flat rate but by weight.

Wouldn’tcha know, all told, it cost me less than $6.00!

Here is the haul that I sent in, with contributions from Sue, Margaret, Liz, and me:

Aahhh – now I can sit back, relax, and… start a fun fur cap?

Or perhaps children’s hats for Afghans for Afghans for a special circus event?

Start planning if you think you might like to knit socks for students as well. [Note: I do not know anything more than this obscure reference on their site, but I assume they are asking for socks for … Afghani students? They are calling for other items as well, so don’t feel left out if you don’t do socks!]