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Last week at SnB, Margaret (no blog, sadly!) endowed me with her donation to the Red Scarf Project – a felted wool scarf in stripes. Thanks Margaret!


Pattern. Ondea Rosa, from Tejidos Jigra Knits, but heavily modified.

Since I got the yarn from my Nana’s old stash, I’m 99% certain that it’s acrylic. The scarf is curling in on itself quite a bit. Does anyone know anything about blocking acrylic?

How is everyone else doing?

red scarf

I am almost done with the ribbing and then I’ll do the second tail.

Next scarf might be simpler, so I can finish faster!

I found a ribbed red scarf that I made last year and never did anything (haven’t even sewn in the tails), so I think I’m going to add it to my batch. I like the multi-stranded scarf over at Mason-Dixon Knitting [actually, there are two there that I like – “The Eric” that can be worked from stash, and My So-Called Scarf, which calls for delicious Manos del Uruguay…

Scarf #2 is finished, and scarf #3 is blocking as I write. Scarf #4 goes on the needles tonight. I’ll post a picture on my blog tomorrow. #2 is a spiral scarf made of mohair and a glitzy carry-along, so it is definitely not gender neutral. #3 is the Irish Hiking Scarf, another lovely knit. #4 will be Miriam Felton’s Braided Cable Scarf. This is just so much fun to see everyone’s FO’s.
Sue J.

Mary, looks like you are also in the clear! Norma left a comment for Krista/chamomilek that said the following:

Annalisa, the director of the care package program, tells me that the volunteers make every effort to separate the scarves into piles, “unisex,” “definitely male,” “definitely female,” so don’t feel constrained. Unisex is optimum, but not essential.

Can’t wait to see your heartstrings scarf and Krista’s lacy goodness!

Hey everyone, don’t forget to email Norma with a photo of your finished product. She is adding it to the gallery on her Red Scarf Project 2007 site.


It would help if I told you where to visit my blog. Duh!
Now you know why it’s taken me so long to blog.

I finally have a blog. Just couldn’t hold out any longer. A picture of my red Cable Embrace Scarf is there. Please visit. I’ll be posting a lot more as I go along. Almost done with the Irish Hiking Scarf.
Sue J.

Hello all! I’m new to the blog and looking forward to knitting red scarves with everyone. Unfortunately, I cast on for this scarf just before discovering this project, and while it is red, I think it may be to gender specific and not really a unisex style. If it’s not acceptable, I’ll be happy to knit another one, of course!

Looking forward to your feedback,


Edited: to make the picture just a little smaller! 🙂

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