I finished my red scarf last night, and I really like how it came out. Although it is not really reflected in the picture, I love the beautiful red color. I will be sending it off this afternoon. I really enjoyed being in this knitalong. Thanks!p1010005.JPG


Red Scarves
Here’s a photo of the three scarves I sent off last week to OFA. More info on my blog. Count me in on any future projects, too. And I intend to keep knitting scarves for OFA all year long. This has been just great!

Hey there! I’m Jill and glad to be part of the knit-a-long also. I’ve got two red scarves finished (will get pictures up soon) and one more planned before sending them all of together. It’s such a great idea and will be a project I plan to participate in yearly.

Hey gang,
My name is Jessica, and I just joined the red scarf knitalong. Luckily I already have a red scarf on needles about 1/3 finished, whose recipient had not yet been chosen. So I thought this was perfect. Thanks for letting me join and thanks for starting up this great project.

Dear Red Scarf KAL participants,

I hope you had a restful holiday and are ready for a great new year. For any newcomers, we’ll be going strong on the Red Scarf Project through the end of this month. Please feel free to join up. After this month, I am going to maintain the site for next year, but in the next few months the focus may change. Let me know if you have any projects in mind that you’d like to post.

Since it’s January already, it’s time to gear up to finish all of our projects! As a reminder, scarves should be sent to the Orphan Foundation of America any time this month. Here is the address:

Red Scarf Project
21351 Gentry Drive, Unit 130
Sterling, VA 20166

To ensure that your scarf arrives this month, you may want to plan to send it by January 25th.

The site also indicates:
For the personal touch, attach a tag saying “Handmade for You” with your first name, city, and group affiliation, if any. Donors have also included washing instructions, messages of encouragement, and gift cards/burger bucks/book of stamps.

I have been working on my scarf the past couple of days, and I have another one that I am going to contribute. Hopefully I can knit a third before the end of the month.

So I can update the tally on the left, leave me a comment here with how many scarves you have finished. I’ll ask for a final update later in the month.

Prizes: Don’t forget that I told you there would be prizes! Priscilla has generously contributed a gorgeous skein of yarn, peach colored Alpaca With a Twist’s baby alpaca/silk blend (100g/875yd of laceweight lusciousness), which you can see here.

I have two skeins of Noro Kureyon that I am going to give away. I also said that I would give away some handspun, which at the moment I can’t promise, but I’ll try! I spun some last night and I have a wicked crick in my neck…

I’ll do a drawing in early February for all participants. You’ll get one entry for each scarf that you sent in. Send me a photo of the scarf or scarves that you sent in by Feb 10, and I will draw the winners and contact you via email for your address.

Future projects: And last but not least, what comes next? Here are some ideas that interest me, but let me know if you have others.

Project Linus
The Dulaan Project
Afghans for Afghans

And Donna Druchunas, a knitting designer, has an entire blog dedicated to charity knitting. I am going to try to keep up with her entries and post periodically for those of you who might want to participate.

Last week at SnB, Margaret (no blog, sadly!) endowed me with her donation to the Red Scarf Project – a felted wool scarf in stripes. Thanks Margaret!

Pattern. Ondea Rosa, from Tejidos Jigra Knits, but heavily modified.

Since I got the yarn from my Nana’s old stash, I’m 99% certain that it’s acrylic. The scarf is curling in on itself quite a bit. Does anyone know anything about blocking acrylic?

How is everyone else doing?

red scarf

I am almost done with the ribbing and then I’ll do the second tail.

Next scarf might be simpler, so I can finish faster!

I found a ribbed red scarf that I made last year and never did anything (haven’t even sewn in the tails), so I think I’m going to add it to my batch. I like the multi-stranded scarf over at Mason-Dixon Knitting [actually, there are two there that I like – “The Eric” that can be worked from stash, and My So-Called Scarf, which calls for delicious Manos del Uruguay…

Scarf #2 is finished, and scarf #3 is blocking as I write. Scarf #4 goes on the needles tonight. I’ll post a picture on my blog tomorrow. #2 is a spiral scarf made of mohair and a glitzy carry-along, so it is definitely not gender neutral. #3 is the Irish Hiking Scarf, another lovely knit. #4 will be Miriam Felton’s Braided Cable Scarf. This is just so much fun to see everyone’s FO’s.
Sue J.

Mary, looks like you are also in the clear! Norma left a comment for Krista/chamomilek that said the following:

Annalisa, the director of the care package program, tells me that the volunteers make every effort to separate the scarves into piles, “unisex,” “definitely male,” “definitely female,” so don’t feel constrained. Unisex is optimum, but not essential.

Can’t wait to see your heartstrings scarf and Krista’s lacy goodness!

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FINISHED SCARF TALLY: 19 Knit a red (or other) scarf for the Red Scarf Project! Create a Wordpress ID and send your email to one of us: Heather or Amber. Read more about this knitalong up there in Knitalong Guidelines. Here are some buttons for you, please download first!