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I’m on my third ball of Patons Merino.  It’s looking pretty long, but the sides are curly.  I’ll be blocking the it like crazy.  Now that I’ve figured out how to post, I now need to figure out how to post a picture.  Baby steps….


It’s HUGE!  I thought I’d use up this whole skein of yarn, it’ll be long enough.  Now it’s longer than I am tall, at least by a foot!  But it goes with the guidelines that it’s long enough to tie and it’s comfy.  I used Red Heart Super Saver in Navy.   Coming soon…pictures!

I saw some progress on Susan’s scarf on her blog over here:

Knitfix’s red scarf

And it was three times as long at SnB tonight.

Meanwhile, I’ve finished one part of mine and it’s time to go back and pick up the provisional stitches to knit the neck ribbing.

In other news, I haven’t had a chance to listen in yet, but I received an email from the Unwound people and it looks like the Red Scarf Project has been featured. I was told there was a mention of the KAL, so I’ll have a listen tomorrow. Go on over and have a listen yourself, and tell me what you think!

Hi. I’ve been friends with Heather since our first year in college, which is how I heard about this knitalong.  I’ve been knitting since I was about 8 years old, off and on.  As I wrote in an earlier comment, the first scarf I am knitting is dedicated to the memory of my mom.  She passed away in February, which still seems too recent.  Her favorite color was red, and I know she would have liked this scarf.  I like the idea of giving it away to a worthy cause.  I know the pattern isn’t exactly “unisex,” but I hope they’ll forgive me.

I managed to slip away from work an hour early, in time to stop at my LYS.  I came home with two balls of Classic Elite Wool Bamboo (50% wool, 50% bamboo).  I cast on last night and have a few inches so far.  The yarn is so soft, and on my bamboo needles, it’s like buttah on buttah.  I have 36″ to go of the “wavy eyelet” that doesn’t show up quite well in the photo.  This is definitely going to be a  soothing project to work on.

It took me about 7 attempts and a lot of tweaking in photoshop to get the color in the photo to be red. 

Happy knitting to everyone!

I started a red scarf the other night and I finished the first ball of yarn and went to switch to another but one problem…it was a darker shade of red!  (The horror!)  So, while I have to wait to venture into my mess of a bedroom looking for the right color of red yarn I started on a navy one (following the guidelines that it can be a unisex color).  I’m starting to like the way this one looks in the k2, p2 ribbing.  I might need to find something else for the red.

Cable Embrace is finished and blocked and ready to go in January. This was a lovely knit. The pattern held my attention throughout, and the Knitpicks Superwash I used for the scarf (brick red) knits up like a dream. I did a total immersion blocking with a touch of vinegar in the water to set the color. Now it’s as soft as warm butter. My next scarf, Irish Hiking, is already on the needles. I’m using Lamb’s Pride Worsted for this one. So far, so good. Hope everyone is enjoying knitting for this worthwhile project as much as I am. A picture of my scarf is in the uploads section.
Sue J.


My name is Elizabeth, Beth, Liz, or Betsy depending on what you like, (It’s a long story) and I’m not the best knitter, actually I’m fairly new to it.  Heather taught me how about 2 years ago, and I don’t practice much.  I love making things up on my own, but sometimes I’ll try and tackle a pattern, (usually to find I’ve messed it up!) so I thought this knit-along would be cool to join.

I finished a scarf, actually it was my first scarf ever, so it’s not that fancy! Maybe my next one will be a little more involved…

my first red scarf

I do have a post with a photo coming up, but since it is late, let me just say that I am happy that we now have 10 members, and I hope more people will join us as January approaches.

Thanks to Sue (momsue84 – since we have 2 Sues and a Susan!), we have some more free pattern links that look like fun. Check them out, they are listed in the sidebar.

If anyone else has pattern links that you would like me to post, feel free to comment here or send me an email.

Hi Everyone!
My name is Sue, and I joined this week, too. I have been working on this project alone, but now it is so nice to be able to work with others on this worthwhile cause. I have stocked up on red yarn and intend to work on this the year round. Have finished the Cablel Embrace Scarf in Knitpicks Superwash (which I love, btw) and am now working on the Irish Hiking Scarf. I hope to be able to send at least three or four scarves in January. Love seeing everyone else’s work.
Sue J.

Hi, my name is Priscilla, and I joined this KAL this week, so I thought I should briefly introduce myself. I grew up knitting and crocheting. I don’t actually remember learning either craft. My mother and grandmother always had projects going, and I just picked it up from them. I’m still learning and trying new techniques, though. Just this year I took classes in Fair Isle and sock knitting.

I was a college student long enough to earn a Ph.D, and I have taught college courses as an adjunct professor. So I have a lot of empathy for college students. I think that is why the Red Scarf Project is so important to me. I made a scarf for the OFA last year all by myself. But it is much more fun to see what everyone else is making and share the experience with knitters from all over.

I started my first red scarf this week. Details and photos are on my blog. I am hopeful I can make more than one before the January deadline. Take care and happy knitting!

Join Us!

FINISHED SCARF TALLY: 19 Knit a red (or other) scarf for the Red Scarf Project! Create a Wordpress ID and send your email to one of us: Heather or Amber. Read more about this knitalong up there in Knitalong Guidelines. Here are some buttons for you, please download first!