Hi. I’ve been friends with Heather since our first year in college, which is how I heard about this knitalong.  I’ve been knitting since I was about 8 years old, off and on.  As I wrote in an earlier comment, the first scarf I am knitting is dedicated to the memory of my mom.  She passed away in February, which still seems too recent.  Her favorite color was red, and I know she would have liked this scarf.  I like the idea of giving it away to a worthy cause.  I know the pattern isn’t exactly “unisex,” but I hope they’ll forgive me.

I managed to slip away from work an hour early, in time to stop at my LYS.  I came home with two balls of Classic Elite Wool Bamboo (50% wool, 50% bamboo).  I cast on last night and have a few inches so far.  The yarn is so soft, and on my bamboo needles, it’s like buttah on buttah.  I have 36″ to go of the “wavy eyelet” that doesn’t show up quite well in the photo.  This is definitely going to be a  soothing project to work on.

It took me about 7 attempts and a lot of tweaking in photoshop to get the color in the photo to be red. 

Happy knitting to everyone!