I had an inquiry about where to mail scarves. There is an address listed on the Red Scarf Project site, but as one of the hosts of this knitalong, I would welcome receiving scarves and sending in one batch if you would prefer. To mail to me, contact me directly and we can make arrangements.

So, I have several skeins of a nice cherry red Inca Alpaca that has been languishing and was going to be maybe a scarf, then maybe a shawl, then maybe a sweater. I am changing gears and pulling some of it out of the stash to knit one of the two patterns found here:

Scarf for Matthew and Scarf for Matt

[I’ll link to these in the side bar as well.]

The pattern is two variations based on the same structure, and has options for multiple weights of yarn. Plus, I like the fact that they were designed and circulated as a symbol of acceptance. Maybe I’ll include a note with my scarf explaining the symbolism.