I also have no idea what pattern to use or where I might have some red yarn, but I have never been in a knitalong before and this seems like a good place to start.  My blog is over at Amber Waves of Pain, it is mostly knitting and photography and travel.   I’m not that great at any of it but I am really very good at practicing.   

I tend to be a ‘figure it out’ kind of knitter.  I figure out what I want pattern I might want to do, then find some yarn that might work and grab some needles and cast on.  Then I usually lose the pattern, try to make it up, find the pattern and realize I have totally not been doing what I was supposed to be doing.   So I just keep knitting.  Whatever I do, I just keep knitting.  Usually it turns out ok, and sometimes it even turns out pretty cool, but that happens more often when I don’t lose the pattern and when I actually do listen to what Heather Knits tells me.   

We have been friends for a couple years and when we first met I don’t think I had ever actually finished anything even though I had been knitting for a few years.    It wasn’t until we became friends that I realized that knitting could be the creative outlet I was looking for.  

Mostly, I prefer to knit socks though I have occasionally been known to attempt sweaters.  I love being able to carry socks around with me where ever I go and I love that I can try new patterns and actually finish a pair in a normal amount of time.   This will be my first charity knitting project and I look forward to trying a challenging pattern!